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Blog Entry: July 31st 2010 - Special Guest: FLASH ATKINS - Summer music mix

In this newest Funkydoo blog, you can now sit back and take in a sad old story whilst listening to this weeks brand new SPECIAL GUEST mix from a very 'special' failed superhero, FLASH ATKINS. However, before we start with this sorrow tale, we just wanted to remind you that you can use the BLOG ARCHIVE box on the right hand side of this page to listen to the archived music mixes and also read this weeks artist profile on one of this year's amazing Swindon Invincible performers BEARDYMAN.

So, Flash Atkins was once a majestic super hero and he had his gravy days in the 80s, saving the world with his ability to manipulate sound through barely comprehendible sonic boundaries. Unfortunately, this century has not treated him quite so well - so much so, that he's fallen on hard times and can now only really be spotted in the less salubrious parts of London, often stoned or drunk on borrowed money.

Flash Atkins, enjoying a rarely afforded breakfast

Luckily, despite his demise into the gutter of super hero society, his vast musical prowess still manages to rumble the underground and between begging on the streets and cowering away from contrived pop-music fuelled villains, he just about manages to make ends meet through quality deep tech, soul, disco and house releases on his record labels, We are Woodville and Manchester's legendary paperecordings.

You can find out all about the sad story of FLASH on his blog, but we wanted to get up front and personal with the man himself so we met him outside a dodgy pub in hebden bridge for a quick no-holds-barred chat about his reversal of fortunes.

Funkydoo: Hello Flash, thanks for talking to us. Tell us, where do you hang out nowadays?

Flash Atkins: A caravan I've been lent on the edge of a farm in the wilds here in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Funkydoo: So, you were saving the world in the 80's - what happened to your gravy since then?

Flash Atkins: My baby gravy seems to be 2 parts vodka and one part White Ice these days. It's a slightly boring tale of seediness, drink and drugs.

Funkydoo: Errr OK, so what music are you playing in this lovely summer mix?

Flash Atkins: There's plenty of afro, disco and house with a couple of wild cards thrown in. There is also a track from Proviant Audio, an amazing 18 year old Norwegain chap who's just signed an album to paper that will be out next year. Also the Atjazz mix of my single out in September called Make Your Move.

Funkydoo: Can you tell us something funny that happened to you recently?

Flash Atkins: I went to a country fete where I live in Hebden and managed to win the arm wrestling contest using my powers of sound manipulation, well it didn't say you couldn't in the rules......and I'd had 15 cans of Kronenberg.

Funkydoo: Where can people catch you doing a live show next?

Flash Atkins: I'm playing my first show at the Cardiff Arts Institute on September 11. Expect shite stagecraft, cardboard cut-outs of myself with lazers for eyes, rubbish dancing and plenty of D.I.S.C.O!

Funkydoo: Can you fly in that cape and do you know spiderman?

Flash Atkins: No and no, he's a poof.

Funkydoo: So Flash, despite your rubbish heroism, we love your record labels (paperecordings and We are Woodville) - what's the next exciting release going to be?

Flash Atkins: As mentioned before, Make Your Move with Crazy P's Danielle Moore on vocals. It comes with remixes by Atjazz and Ashley Beedle and it's a slowburning 4/4 dancfloor soul scorcher!

Funkydoo: Nice, we'll look out for that...and Flash, as a hero at the bottom end of the barrel, do you have any wise words of wisdom for budding young superheroes out there?

Flash Atkins: My biggest mistake was sleeping with a Hacienda bouncer. Don't do it kids.

At this point, Flash was distracted by a last orders bell in the pub and he hobbled off without saying goodbye. I think we got a little insight into the man in this short interview though and we hope this tale of misfortune has not ruined your day - and instead you use it as inspiration to be positive and always look forward in life.

We also hope that you show your support to Flash Atkins by listening to his Summer mix, and in doing so remember him as he once was, not as he is now. Also, if you ever come across him begging on a street near you, please give him a hug, or some whisky. He deserves it.

OK, so that's it for this week - as ever, please support this blog by 'liking' it above and joining the FUNKYDOO facebook group that you'll find by CLICKING HERE. For now though, lots of love and underground drinking music,


Hebden country fete arm wrestling semi-final

Tracklist - the songs, bit by bit:

Basement Jaxx - Stay Close (feat. Lisa Kekaula)
Eddie C - 4 Your Love
Proviant Audio - Spring is Here
Crazy P presents Syndromes - Freak Control
Neurotic Drum Band - Robotic Hypnotic Adventure
Riva Starr - Black Mama
Sascha Braemer - Go Loco
Flash Atkins - Make Your Move (Atjazz Remix)
Chamboche - Feverish (The Revenge Remix)
Jeff K & Chris Carrier - Fever
Echo P - Spirit Of Drums
Amadou & Miriam - Sabali (Flash Atkins Edit)


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